Emergency Landing – 17/12/16

06:31 – So sleepy! My flight is still 2 hours away. Sigh. 07:10 – I’m ashamed to say I’m still one of those that naively believes in the goodness of people. I just left my bags with a random stranger. He didn’t steal them or anything, but the lady at the boarding counter  (a black […]

She Was The Perfect Friend! – 14/12/16

11:22 – I’m in the lobby of Debra’s dorm hall. This will be the last time we get to hang out. Can we at least have a happy ending? I say a lot about her and sometimes it seems like most of it is negative, but to be honest, I’ll miss her a lot. 12:47 […]

This Blog Is My BFF Now? – 13/12/16

10:18 – Just wrote philosophy. It went alright considering the fact that I only had 4 hours of sleep. But then again I practically had the exam beforehand so… Anyway I’m studying French now. I just texted Debra to tell her how it went. Last night when I couldn’t sleep I texted her, and maybe […]

Friendship Can Be Bittersweet – 12/12/16

09:05 – So I told Debra my birthday was on Saturday. She tried to blame me for the fact that she forgot. There was hair on her Jacket and I tried to remove it. She said something about violating her personal space. “Especially when friends do that, it’s just… urgh…annoys me, you know.” Was that […]

When Your Best Friend Forgets Your Birthday – 10/12/16

09:37 – It’s my birthday. I woke up to a couple of Whatsapp messages and Facebook wall  posts, but nothing to make me feel particularly loved. I posted this on my wall: A wise woman once said, “Don’t just survive… Conquer!” I’m glad to say I’ve conquered yet another year on planet Earth. Thank you […]